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Gas here in Texas has finally gotten down to the two dollar point again

What are the prices like from The Pits locations?
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Chicago- $4
The lowest I've seen (I only pass about three gas stations a day, depending on the route I take to school and back) is around $3.50 or so.
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Over nyah its 3.31
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1.05... Fvck Yes!
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Chicago- $4

illinois has the highest gas prices in the continental united states.
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Boston area: $3.19

Big improvement. Gets lower every day.
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i got $3.07 on the Seneca Reservation in New York on Saturday.
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I heard it was $3.16 yesterday
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It's around $3.45 or so in the L.A County I think. That's roughly what it costs where I live anyway.
I really hope it just keeps steadily declining like it is. I shouldn't get my hopes up though

oh well
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$2.84 Bristow,OK
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$2.84 Bristow,OK


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The best thing about life is knowing you put it together
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I really hope it just keeps steadily declining like it is. I shouldn't get my hopes up though

oh well
there's a good chance. gas prices tend to drop dramatically in the winter.
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3.44 in southern vermont
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1.05... Fvck Yes!

What the hell, man!?

Where the fuck you live?

Last time I check it was around the $3.30s here.
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where the hell in canada do you canadians live that were posting in litres!?! mine hasnt been under 1.40/litre in like 5 months

EDIT: Primus, we live in canada, and go by litres. i assume you guys are going by gallons?
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I hate living near Chicago. Cost of oil goes up, gas prices go up. Cost of oil comes down, gas prices go up. All of the stations are priced within a penny of each other and well over the national average. It's because thay know that we have to pay it, there are no alternitives. Somethings wrong here.
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I saw $2.99 on the way home today, I was happy.

That's how it was for me, I was so happy put the rest of my paycheck ($40) in my truck.
I didn't think about the concert I'm supposed to go to tomorrow when I did that
The best thing about life is knowing you put it together
$3. something

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the equivalent of one dollar. (Mexico, 10 pesos)

i think, not sure though.

EDIT: oh yeah it's not in gallons.
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$3.48 in Indiana where I live.
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Same here in central Florida.
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