Hey, after sleeping over at a friend's house, he showed me a strange Fender Jag-resembling guitar bearing the name Harmonix. He told me he bought it off an old man for $50. I played it, neck felt alright, pickups looked awesome, only problem was the tuners were stiff as s***. It was also light as a feather. Anyway, got home and looked it up on google. Found the model on a website, and here's the guitar.

Harmony Bobkat H15

He told me he would sell it to me for a relatively cheap price. Just wondering, is that guitar worth purchasing(looks good, feels good to me), and would getting it fixed up cost any extreme costs?

Only thing that I can think of is replacing the tuners, not sure how hard that is though.
The pickups are D'Armonds which is what Gretsch used back then.

The older Harmony guitars sound pretty good. They made some decent acoustics too - like the Soverign.

I'm not into the small guitars like that, but I have a 3 pickup Rocket and a few others that are cool

If your friend sold it to you fo 50.00 you coucl just sell the pickups and make a profit.

Is it the one pickup or two pickup model?
I've had one of those forever (a '64 Silvertone version that I bought it in the mid-80's for $30 at a yard sale). Lately, they seem to go for a bit over $100, but the new reissues could change that.

Anyways, I'd recommend that you keep it stock if possible... putting any new parts on could drastically affect it's resale value. You probably just need to clean and lubricate the tuners. SenorSmiley is correct, the pickups are highly desirable.

Here's mine:

It's a GREAT slide guitar!
Hmm, I could probably get it from him for around $50, his is the 2 pickup model, and it's like a brown sunburst.
If you look at the H14 model on the same web site the first few pics are one of mine. Re the tuners. They lock with the screws. Loosen the center screw slightly and put a single drop of oil right on the that same screw head. One thing to look for is broken truss rods but they are an easy repair on the harmony. If it's in nice condition the H15's go for $250+. The two dearmond pups would go for near $100 alone.

Have a early (mfg date is on bottom of pick guard) 63 model of the H17 which would be the red sunburst of the one you are looking at. Very nice guitars, easy to play and that 60's sound is awesome. Does yours have the tremelo? If so it's worth a couple more bucks. Give a shout with any questions as I seldom get back here.