ok yea I know with this thing you gotta model your own sounds to get the most out of it but I really don't have the time and effort to do that at this point.

so which of the presets do you guys think are actually useable, which effects sound legitimate enough to go with without tweaking?

I think Big Rock is a pretty decent distortion, haven't really used this thing much besides that
Hello fellow magicstomp users.


I have spend hundreds of hours doing some deep editing on the magicstomp, and can now say that I have the best sounds ever heard from this device.

My customers all agree that this little pedal has now given them the option to gig without an amplifier for most of their live work and in the studio it's just the best ever.

These patches, approx 70 sounds, offer amplifiers from Fender, Marshall, Vox, Boogie etc etc. In addition many signature sounds like Dave Gilmore, Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton, Santana, Gary Moore and so on.

The remarkable thing is that this small pedal can do so much more than Yamaha ever realised.
They don't make them anymore (shame), but this means that those lucky enough to have one will now be able to really make use of the hidden power of this device.
Do contact me for more info, or any advice on this my favorite guitar effect device.