Don't get me wrong, I love Slipknot and their music. I went and saw them in pa at the mayhem fest and it was one of the best shows i have ever saw, but since then i've noticed in my guitar world mags that either mick or jim are on almost every other page advertising for something or another... whats up with that, i mean your already famous why try to make pennies by advertising... whats your opinion?
Probably because bands don't make very much money off record labels, and are starting to make less off of touring?
psh, just another way to look at there kick ass masks,

Edit; im listining to slipknot right now
If you had the chance to be in an ad for a guitar company....

Would you?
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What are they selling out to?
They're famous enough so that companies want to pay them to endorse their products..

If a guitar/amp company came to me and said "Make it known/make it appear as if you like our product and we'll give you this fat wad of cash" I'd do it in an instant.

They're making a living.
Usually, the company comes to them to create signature gear.
So it's like:
"We're going to build you a guitar to your exact specifications and we'll pay you"

how do you say no to that?
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