I'd like to start practicing playing some stuff without picking any note at all (all with legato), my question is:

Let's say I need to play the fifth fret, third string, and then the fifth fret second string. If I were to pick every note, I'd roll my finger instead of fretting one note, releasing the finger and fretting the other note (to save time - with a roll I could cover both strings with little finger motion). However, how should I do it if I'm supposed to play it without picking? The rolling by itself isn't strong enough for the note to sound without picking anything. So, should I keep practicing and the rolling by itself will make the note sound? Or do I have no choice but to release the finger and hammer it on the next string on the same fret?

Help is much appreciated.
Well if you're really adamant about not picking at all, I suppose you could use a different finger on the adjacent string. But yeah, the rolling technique can't really be applied in a situation where you're not picking.
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Damn! The thing is that the exercises I was practicing are of the "each finger covers a specific fret on any string" type, so changing fingers would be awkward. But I'll see what I can do.

Make an exercise out of it, could be very useful to take the 5th fret on the high e and hammer the 5th fret on the other strings with varying fingers.
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