Hey, So I've been playing for nine months or so and I'm wanting to experiment with the sounds I can make thru effects and possibly amps. I bought a crybaby about a month or two ago and I love it. Its left me wanting to branch out further.

A friend of mine told me i should just get a new amp instead of some other type of pedal/wah.

So please, any tips/advice/general plans on branching out

got a strat and some crappy amp that came with it, 15g? budget is all dependent on what is out there I suppose, I'd be willing to drop a few hundred if its worth it you know. I have a crybaby wah already. I like mostly classic rock/bluesy stuff, Jimi, Zep, Clapton etc...
I'd be willing to spend 6-7 but it'd have to be well worth it and i'd have to do some saving but if its worth it why not right
and what state do you live in? (for finding things in the used market, if needed)
I'm thinking new amp, then pedals. You won't get the full benefit of the pedals through a lousy amp. Low-gain amps aren't an area of expertise for me, so I'll leave this one to the others. Good luck!
I live in NJ, what type of amp would you suggest exactly? why did you mention low gain, really even if amps aren't your expertise any feedback is appreciated
hmm that amp looks pretty promising...i'm gonna do some research on it thanks. not totally sure about the pedal some of the samples are great sounds though i will give you that, not in the market for a new guitar just yet tho
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peavey classic 30 would be the perfect amp for you. if you dont mind buying used, you can get one for around 300
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hmm, i'll have to take a look at it. again thanks for all the feedback.

So is the general consensus that it's worth it to get an amp over another type of effect?
thanks alot, I think I'm headed to my local music shop to try out a few amps, I'll probably look into that tube screamer too those samples sounded awesome