dis is some random forum i posted coz im extremely bored.......

i dont no about evry1 else but i rekon death magnetic is better than all the other metallica albums...........................
at the same time im only 14 and i guess i dont listen 2 to much 2 metallicas old albums(even though i hav them)
no its not but its an improvment

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I think it kicks major ass. Mastering aside, you can't deny those songs are great and the riffs are sick. I think it falls behind all the pre Black albums. So I guess I think it is their fifth best. I may be the minority though.
You also must not pay much attention in english. But yeah, the only song i really liked off of that was the Day That Never Comes.
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No, Death Magnetic sucks, Kill 'em All is the best. Now go listen to Morbid Saint. NOW!
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