Hey, I've been checking out this guitar, Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose tremelo, for awhile and it seems pretty good. And I'm just wondering what you guys think. I would be getting it for Christmas, so still a couple months off but I just wanted to get your guys' opinions first. Also, I play metal stuff like Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Pantera, and Slayer. So any input you can give would rock!
I own exact same guitar and would definately reccommend it. only at the time i really wanted that floyd just to mess with but looking back I wish I didnt get one.
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That thing is godly. The one I played at GuitarCenter at least.
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i play it at my friends house a few times every month. get the one without the floyd. they lose their fun after a few months. stringing them and tuning them isnt that bad, its just weird to play. then again, i dont like the way the floyd comes up since i learned on a hardtail, so this could be a biased opinion.

i do own a floyded guitar, so hopefully that balances it all out
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Pretty good guitar. OFR+EMGs 81TW/89=WIN

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yea its a great guitar.

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I have the string through model, and I love it...it's like a fifth limb to me, I feel naked without it.
Sweet, looks like I'll be asking for that for Christmas then! Thanks for all the replies so quickly!
remember to post some pictures of the beast when you get it!

Schecter ROCKS!!!!!

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I've got the no-floyd one also. Incredible guitar for that style of music. Great feel and the neck is great. It's also a looker too, unlike other guitars which are purely looks.