How can I get a tone simular to that of Alex Lifeson when he was playing on the 80s Rush albums like Signals, Grace Under Pressure and Power Windows? Any one know what kind of gear/pedals/amps he was using? He kind of has a Edge/Andy Summer's tone going on on those albums, playing textures rather then the hard rock he did in the 70s. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.
I know in the 80's he was using solid state galien kruger amps, he used them for quite awhile up until the mid 90s. As far as his over all sound goes you'll deffinetly want some chorus in the mix for the clean and overdriven sounds. He likes to dabble in delay alot to.

He has a pretty heavily saturated sound in that era, though you've got to remember there are only 3 guys in the band so you need as much going on to fill space as you can!