ey ug'ers im looking at getting a new guitar i have looked at ibanez, jackson, and goten opinions and was now just asking for opinions on this guitar
i play mostly metal and dont want any comments involving buying amps just purley poeple opinions on this guitar cheers guys

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Looks good.
I'd suggest the Ibanez Xiphos (sp?).
I've played on them, and holy jesus christ almighty. I had a shredgasm.
ZOMG looks cool i wanna play one so bad... ive never played a ESP yet, but ibanez so far is my brand of choice over jackson and dean (the dean ML i played sucked though, possibly a bad gauge to judge an entire company)
That is a great guitar, I've played it and the neck feels really nice and it has great tone. I actually want one, I do recommend it highly!