Is there any good way to learn to lay guitar and sing at the same time? I can do both separate, but neither when I try to both.
it's pretty much just repetition and knowing as well as feeling what you're playing and singing.

just start with easy songs with simple guitar parts and singing parts and practice those till you can do it well, then move to more complicated stuff.
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Its takes practice. Try using a light guitar. Focus on the singing. Make sure that you know the guitar perfectly to a point where you don't have to think about it.
thats exactly what you have to do, make sure that you know the part and can play it without thinking about it at all.

i dont sing (ever), but i can have intelligent conversations with people while i sweep + shred, because i have played the parts so many times they are burned into my fingers.
try saying something it the start of every bar.. then try on the second beat... then on the last beat
then just say stuff randomely or say what your playing...
I'm playing a minor second... minor third now a seventh...
fun hehe
2 of these in a day? Search bar, people.
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