Is there a way to fix the problem? My L shaped tool doesn't turn the thing any more.
You mean your allen key? or the actual poles on the bridge, cause you can just go to any decent hardware store and get a new allen key for like a buck. Your pole tops or watever they are called would be a lot harder to replace
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if it is one of the poles, then its either striped or its and Ibanez locking pole. If its locked in you will have to use a smaller allen wrench to unlock it, then you should be able to change the action. Remember to lock them when you're done. If it is not an ibanez locking stud then it is probably stripped, so you'll have to take the bridge off and remove the trem. Then you will have to use pliers to remove the stud.
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quick tip... i know its a pain, but you should really loosen the tension on the strings b4 adjusting the action on a floyd, or you will snap the adusters - the sharp edge that touches them will just cut thru em like butter.

i know its off topic, but i wrecked mine doing that and i thought you should know, seeing as youve cearly been adjusting it


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Are we talking about action or intonation here?
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