i was just looking at the ESP site. And it states that the EX50 body is made of basswood.

however, ZZounds and various other reviews i've read state that the EX50 body is made of Agathis! ESP EX 50 on ZZounds

now, seeing that the quality, durability and reliability of these two woods really differ by a lot, could someone please tell me, is the body made of Agathis or basswood?
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Well if the site is selling it so cheap, maybe they have a slightly different model, like the one actually made of agathis, but with the pickups of the one made of basswood. Idk.. You should slap them for confusing you.

Edit: Just noticed the pickups on the EX50 on the ESP site are different from the ones on zzounds.com
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The EX-50 is an Agathis body, with ESP LH-150 Pickups. It's as basic as it can get. I'm not sure why the site says that though. The whole ESP 50 Series of guitars are Agathis bodies. It's not basswood until you reach upper levels.