I don't know if any of you read my last thread, but long story short...my guitar died, primarily due to the fact that it was a bad guitar to begin with.

So I am searching for a new guitar now (or used), and would like some advice as to what to look for when shopping around. I want a guitar that has good acoustics. One that sounds crisp and clear and doesnt have the nasty muffled sound that comes with cheaper guitars. I dont mind spending a little bit of money, I am considering a 450 budget at this point. I am looking for a solid intermediate guitar that will last me a long time. I know the logical answer is going to be "shop around, play some guitars, and get a feel for what you like." Well, I live in the boonies and thats just not as simple as it sounds. So I will hopefully get there eventually, but in the mean-time what should i be looking for. Any recommendations for brands, etc.
Check out Godin acoustics. I have a Godin Seagall and it set me back about $450 CAN. Sounds amazing and some models have electronics in them as well. Definite recommendation for your budget.

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The most important thing about acoustic guitars is that they have a solid top. A lot of guitar manufacturers don't always make this black and white either, so you might have to dig around to find out if a guitar has a solid top or laminate. in the $450 price range look at Alvarez, Takamine, Seagull, and maybe Ovation if you're into that type of sound.
when i went shopping for my steel string i made a point not to go straight for the nicest looking one, i choose mine for its feel and tone. Tho its pretty average looking its so damn nice to play