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Just say which one and give a description why

Artist: Korn - I was obsessed with them like 2 years ago and for reasons unknown i have all of a sudden become more addicted to them then i was before. It seriously came out of no where... I found all of there albums and now I only have Korn on my ipod (its an old shuffle, 512 mb ).

Song: Ball Tongue by Korn - Because it's freakin awesome and i can't get it out of my head
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and im 14 got any problems ill f*ckin drop you.


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Artist: Radiohead - They are ****ing legends.

Song: Fake Plastic Tree - It is ****ing legendary.

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John Mayer and Michael Buble.

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Ritchie Sambora and Michael Schenker... its a 80's blues rock thing that comes and goes
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Kamelot. One of their songs is always stuck in my head, no matter what. Always, I can't get it out.
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artist: Metallica

song: Fade to Black, Fight Fire With Fire, Battery
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Abything by SRV, David gilmour or killswitch engage.
Weird combo, don't ya think?
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Im really into Bultaco Saturno by Paul Gilbert, breathtaking.
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The Voyager - Thyrfing

Iv got this song on repeat and have done for a few days now, I havnt fiended anything like this since I discovered Amon Amarth.

I love this song because of its chorus. Its so different to any other metal iv heard.
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I'm having an Amon Amarth day, well, week so far. Lots of headbanging!

Specific songs... Death in Fire, Pursuit of Vikings, Where Death Seems to Swell, among others.
Pearl Jam

Songs: All of them but loving anything from the album Binaural right now.
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i just realised how awesome twin harmony guitar sounds...with a nice touch of screaming

Band: Killswitch Engage
Song: Just Barely Breathing, The element of one, the arms of sorrow
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arch enemy has been my favorite band for the longest time. at first it was children of bodom, but now i kinda think they're somewhat "immature" ( i doubt that's the right word, but hopefully you get it). arch enemy's songs are heavy, well-written, the solos are both shreddy and memorable, the theme melodies are always awesome, the drumming is always interesting. and they've been fairly consistent throughout their discography.
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Four Year Strong. Great unique band.
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I know i wish i was as cool as you and be into Sum 41 and Taking back Sunday. Gaylord.

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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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Everyone loves Killswitch, and I'm no exception. Anything off their self titled album. Vide Infra especially. Great lyrics.
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Artist: Radiohead - They are ****ing legends.

couldnt agree more

song(s): pepper by the buthole surfers, ocean breathes salty by modest mouse and loacl god by everclear
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go on ireland!
ive gone back to listening to Rage!

for some reason I'm Housin' just gets stuck in my head.
Is bad ass one or two words?
the past couple of days it's been The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin. that's one that comes and goes, another one that comes and goes is Prince of Darkness - Megadeth... I had that in my head for like a week once.

And here lately I've been getting more and more into Iced Earth, like I kinda got into em a while back, but it just really hit me how awesome they are.

And I burned myself out on Amon Amarth about a month ago.... it seems that I'll really get into a band and wear myself out on em and then move on to something else.... hm
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Psychosocial - Slipknot... IMMENSE!!!

good song, unfortunatly i got sick of it quickly though, as well as the rest of the album.
it's a good album don't get me wrong, but IMO not very memorable
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and im 14 got any problems ill f*ckin drop you.


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ive gone back to listening to Rage!

for some reason I'm Housin' just gets stuck in my head.

Hell yeah! Voice Of The Voiceless it is for me. Can't get enough of that beat
im getting into radiohead and pink floyd
ive always liked them but now im going into even more depth
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Michael Angelo Batio - Peace

Love it!
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Running Blind - Godsmack
as a huge Creed fan, Godsmack caught my ears

Why Go - Pearl Jam
suddenly got into that again, dunno why
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nick cave and the bad seeds.... got about 4 of his cd's in the last 2 weeks
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METALLICA i havent stopped listinin to them for like 3 years... best songs: enter sandman, nothing else matters, master of puppets and fade to black
Band: Coheed and Cambria - music that's almost too good to be true.

Song: Forsaken by Dream Theater - see above.
Currently Anthem For The Year 2000 by Silverchair and (I'm ashamed to admit it) the new Fall Out Boy song is kinda catchy.
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Obsessed with Kings of Leon something fierce for about a month.

Currently listening to Frontier City, a bonus track off the new album.
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Band; Metallica
Song; Don't tread on me
Something about James' voice in that song, that I just love.
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