Hi everybody, I'm Pico and this is my first post!

I have an old Marshall VS100 (mid 90's) tha has a send/return loop for effects. My question is: where is built-in distortion in the signal chain? Is it before or after the fx loop? If I have a delay on the effects loop, does it work before the distortion or after?

Thank you very much, have a nice day!

im pretty sure it's in the pre-amp stage, which would put it before the effects loop.
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Thanks man!

And what about the built-in reverb? It would be pretty logical it would work after the effects loop, just before the power amp, but is that like this?

In other words, is the chain like this: guitar->built in distortion->fx loop->reverb; or like this: guitar->built in distortion->built in reverb->fx loop?