hi looking at getting a new guitar. the 2 im looking at are the esp F-100FM and the BC RICH Dark Arts Warlock.

Most of the time i play metal so want that meaty metal sound.

in your experiance which one would you recommend?

I generally prefer ESP's over BC Riches. Decide for yourself.

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b.c rich isnt very good ... i have that warlock.. id rather esp anytime... bc is to tinny and goes outta tune 2 much
If you're willing to take a gamble on BC Rich's manufacturing go with the Warlock; especially if you want to do all the fun things you can do with the OFR.
If you want better sound, playability and build quality, go for ESP.

If you want something that looks and sounds terrible and will fall apart if you breathe on it, go for BC Rich.
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Better to ask in the electric guitar forum. I tend to like ESP's more, but seriously, you need to go play them yourself and make a choice.