hi i am currently in the process of building an explorer/kelly style guitar and have been looking at necks for an idea on ebay and i saw a few with a locking nut on i know this is proberly a novice question but can anyone explain to me what it actually does because to be honest i dont see the point in one, wouldnt it be a bit of a faff to tune your guitar?
if u use a floyd rose trem or any floating trem a locking ut is necessary....otherwise u d be tuning alot trust me.
Nut locking is more helpful if you stay in one tuning most of the time because it is a real pain to tune it again.
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what do you mean by floating trem? would it do anything if i used one with a strat style trem or is it just a waste of money?
strats dont normally have locking nuts but in any guitar it would keep it in tune more especially if u use the trem alot.

Floating trems are floyd roses, some of the kahler tremolos and the egde tremolos from ibanez.
A floating trem is this


Strat trems dont really float, they rest on the surface and only dive mostly, and arnt generally used for wild dragonforce/steve vai/satch etc squels and bombs etc so a locking nut isnt necessary.

Now when you have a locking nut on a Floyd Rose, when the bridge is allowed to return to its normal position, the nut keeps the strings at the same length (where as standard nuts might grab the strings not allowing them to return back to pitch).

But you can only have a locking nut on a bridge that has fine tuners on the bridge, see here (the lil round knobs over every string on a FR bridge)


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Not only is a locking nut necessary to keep tuning stability, but it is also imperative to have your nut locked when doing deep dives or high pull ups. Because repetitive, rapid, and drastic changes in tension is not to be stressed on the headstock. The neck is supposed to endure those changes in tension, not a combination of the two. If you use your floating trem excessively for a long period of time (why you would ever do that, I dont know) a lot without your locking nut, your neck will warp... only a matter of time.