So this really hot girl from school gave me her ipod and told me to put some music on it. She's way outta my league but what the hell, it's a worth a try. I totally wanna impress her. She's into mainstream modern rock. Here's the playlist I've made so far. Any help at all. Albums, Artists, Songs, Websites.. Anything at all. Thanks guys.

Bad Girlfriend - Theory Of A Deadman
Why Cry - The Panic Channel
Hollow - Submersed
Get Stoned - Hinder
Rockstar - Nickelback
I Miss You - Acceptance
Here's To The Night - Eve 6
Far Away - Nickelback
In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge
Falls On Me - Fuel
It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
Broken - Seether
Here Without You - Three Doors Down
Saving Me - Nickleback
Drive - Incubus
Better Than Me - Hinder
Be Like That - Three Doors Down
Hello Lonely - Theory Of A Deadman
Move Along - The All-American Rejects
Kryptonite - Three Doors Down
Blind - Lifehouse Lifehouse
Photograph - Nickleback
The Rest Of My Life - The Early November
Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse
Until The World - The Afters
Home - Daughtry
Dirty Little Secrets - The All-American Rejects
Santa Monica - Theory Of A Deadman
Hemorrhage (In My Hands) - Fuel
Over You - Daughtry
Ugly - The Exies
She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mudd
Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf
The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
My Goddess - The Exies
One Last Breath - Creed
I Wish You Were Here - Incubus
Carnival Of Rust - Poets Of The Fall
Mayonaise - The Smashing Pumpkins
45 - Shinedown
No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance) - The Early November
It's Not My Time - Three Doors Down
Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge
Troublemaker - Weezer
Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rise Today - Alter Bridge
Believe - Staind
Collide - Howie Day
Re-Education (Through Labor) - Rise Against
You - The Afters
First Time - Lifehouse
Meant To Live - Switchfoot
Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Deep Inside Of You - Third Eye Blind
Surround - In-Flight Safety
Never Let You Go - Evermore
Unwell - Matchbox 20
Complicated - Submersed
So Far Away - Staind
Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Lips Of An Angel - Hinder
Island In The Sun - Weezer
Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
Cold - Crossfade
Love It When You Call - The Feelingk
Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs
Deep - Binoculars
Honey And The Moon - Joseph Arthur
Wonderwall - Oasis
Half Light - Athlete
Say (All I Need) - One Republic
Breathe You In - Thousand Foot Krutch
The Reason - Hoobastank
Ain't No Party - Orson
She's out of your league, but she asked you to make her a playlist? Sounds like she wants you.... Long playlist, I can't really help you as I strongly dislike most of those bands. Good luck with sleeping with her.

EDIT: What the hell? Why is she asking you to make her a playlist..
well, you need to throw in a bit of Killswitch Engage, followed by All That Remains.

well, The Living End are awesome, and they sound like exactly what you're after.

good luck man
Is bad ass one or two words?
every damn album from nirvana except bleach
People keep asking us where Paul is. That's a really funny question. See, if Paul was still in the band then we wouldn't have a new fucking record. That's why Paul isn't in the band anymore. (by Maynard James Keenan)
well, you have 2 ok songs and 1 really good song. I'm not going to tell you which ones. the rest you should get rid of.
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Well she's a cousin's friend.. So I was at his place, and I was really bored. So I started listening to some stuff on my ipod.. And outta nowhere she comes and sits next to me. So we start talking and she takes the ipod and listens to it for a bit. And then she asked me if I can put some stuff on her iPod because her computer got rebooted. So, keep it coming guys, gotta hand it to her tommorow.. :P
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