it sounds good you know like a blues jazzy track but it lacks some thing i don't quiet know cant pin point it its just in the listening experience i think its the mood of the song set by the initial drum piece apart from that its very good
Love the intro it builds well. the bass comes in it's a great bass line. then the guitar sweet I'm really liking this. Good funky feeling makes you feel good. The leads and lead tones and everything in the song remind me of Santana so far. I like the breakdown part really cool. the stop and into the next part is pretty sweet you need to clean up the hammerons they're a bit sloppy.

then the drums and bass come in again I'm liking this alot ok we're back to the normal thing again. it needs somehting different it gets boring after a while. it's just the same thing over and over kind of. Ok I am at the solo I really like it the guitar could come up in the mix a bit. I like the ending with the strings reminds me of a boston song haha. it just gets really quite thats cool.

over all like a 8/10 if it would have changed a bit more I woulda been higher


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Thanks everyone. yoyo9333: I can't get your link to work. Shoot me another and I'll crit back for sure. Drum solo is out of the question, I have a hard enough time just keeping a beat!

bostonrocks: Any comparison to Santana is a huge compliment. Thanks for checking it out. I crit'd ya back.

DAMN catchy. Love the production quality. Very mystifying feel around 2 minutes in. At points a little repetetive, but jesus is this ever a nice song.

Keep it up! We want more!

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this is sickkk. GREATTTT producing, mixing and song structure. i love it. especially the very ending, stuff like that is really cool.

i also watched your improv in B. you're a very well rounded musician
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sweeet quality, sweet writing skills, sweet playing, this is sweetness! lolz, mustve been one tiring night :P

You can crit one of my originals on my profile if you want http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/shreder666/music/original/

PS: if you do dont crit the symphonic metal one its old and meh, lol
shreder666: I commented on your Acoustic tune and your Symphonic one on your profile. Sounds cool. Cheers!
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I must say, I am quite impressed with your level or musicianship. You are super talented man. I like how it speeds up and slows down at parts. It keeps the listener on their toes. You did a fantastic job. I don't see anything to crit that hasn't already been mentioned. hope to hear more and thanks for the crit on my song. I really appreciate it.

I almost felt as though there as too much going on in this song. While you played all of the instruments excellently. There is something to be said about making a bunch of instruments mesh instead of having 6 or 7 different solo loops.
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Cool, thanks for checking it out. I know what you mean in a sense but I didn't actually use loops for anything in this song. All tracks were played from start to finish. It was 1 lead guitar (doubled with acoustic), one rhythm guitar, bass, drums and a couple background samples, I actually felt I was extremely refrained while recording this tune but hey, to each their own. Again, thanks for checking it out. I enjoyed your tune.

that was sweet man. Right around the 1 min mark i felt like i was listinin to an 80's tune and i like 80's music so thats a compliment lol. overall it sounded really cool man your really talented!
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I liked it. The tune is nice and upbeat and has a very "fun" feel to it. The EQ'ing seemed kind of "flat" to me though. Perhaps try to EQ each instrument a bit? Giving each instrument their own "sonic space" can make each instrument jump out a bit better. Very nice overall though.
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I really like it dude, it sounds funky, very uplifting, something you'd hear at a very classy Jazz club or something. I do agree on the mistifying part, but I thought it would be better if instead of using effects if you could have done it with chords, but overall, its very good. Its awesome you can play all the instruments as well.

Crit mine?

Quote by mogar
Perhaps try to EQ each instrument a bit? Giving each instrument their own "sonic space" can make each instrument jump out a bit better.

Totally agree. Unfortunately the youtube video isn't in stereo and that kinda screws up what my real mix sounded like, but yeah I agree. Thanks for the comments!

Thanks to everyone else as well, crit has been returned.

First of all, thank you very much for listening to my song. This is a groovy track here. Everything in here really blends together, and I love the bassline. The transition at about 2:00 a little odd, but I loved when drums and bass kicked back in at like 2:46. The song is very mellow and not mood-dependent, which is really kickass. I also really liked the beginning and ending scenes with the camera pointing at the snares. Great job and thanks again!
I really liked this song, very jazzy without straying too far from the point. The bassline was really well played in particular. The only thing I didnt really dig was that interlude thing at about 2mins. Not that it was bad or anything, it was well played but it seems a bit out of place? Other than that, this song really reminded me of something you could hear in an old school video game like Sonic 2 lol, and I dont mean that in a bad way at all. Sick track, keep up the good work man.

C4C? Mines a little heavier but I waould appreciate the crit anyway :P
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Cool thanks! Yeah the middle part is totally out of place hence the title "Lost In The Middle". Thanks for checking it out. I'll crit you back asap.