Alright yeah I just splashed out a bitta cash on a Jimi Hendrix Digitech pedal just as a tricky gadget to have lying around. I get home plug in my strat and I have to say that the heel back operation is a right bitch. I gota weigh about 2 ton and I still have to stamp down like I'm placing a rugby ball! Anyway I was wondering if anyone could help me with setting 5 all along the watchtower?
The 12string acoustic model sounds top but when I heel back into the solo it sounds weak. Does anyone have the settings for it I.e gain a quarter, high low half ect ect.

Many thanks
Ok i have another problem with this pedal already. I have lost the manual, not sure if it even came with one :S actaully. Anyway i tried some of the stuff it says on the bottom of the pedal but i cant remember what i did but now when i switch too the voodoo child setting the wah doesnt work. Ive turned it off and on, unplugged it and everything, what should i do? when i plug it in i get a red light on the LED any help?