Hey everyone I hv this guitar , when I do bar chords from the 3rd fret & on the G string keep soundin flat ,1st I thought maybe cuz Iam newb , but when I pplayed for 6 mounths the sound didnt change so i barrowed a guitar from freind & i played the bar chords perfectly , what is the problem here ? How do I fix it ?thx in advance
maybe your action is too high or strings are too heavy. Easy fixes! See if they help! Good luck
Its the intonation i'd take it in to a store to get a proffesional to look at/ fix it or yeah could be old strings but if it is it means you will always need new strings to avoid the problem so best to get it fixed.
well i just bought new ones , i thought its strings too but its not i replace them ,some one told me its the neck of the guitar is twisted a litttle bit is it true ? & if it is can I fix it?
Maybe your english grammar isn't strong enough?

But on a helpful note, maybe your neck is warped...

Wait, that wasn't helpful
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are you tuning your guitar with a tuner? or by ear?
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