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Cort X5 (HSH with coil tap)
2 50%
Ibanez gax30 (HH)
2 50%
Voters: 4.
im planning to get a new electric but i cant seem on what to decide on. I have mainly decided on two guitars..

1. Ibanez gax30
2. Cort X5

the cort is a HSH guitar with coil tap which makes it very versatile. it is basically the same as the x6 but without the floyd rose tremolo.
Sound Sample of x6

However,from what i read online the gax30 also seems very versatile. However,the gax30 has double humbuckers while the cort is HSH. So what i would like to knw is if the cort has the tone i want it to have. Most of the bands i listen to use les pauls and SGs with two humbuckers. i like punk and just abit of metalcore but i dont really do heavy stuff. my fav bands are avenged sevenfold,saosin,green day,my chemical romance,muse and the red hot chili peppers.

So what i like to know is which is a guitar for me if i like to have nice distortion and nice clean tones.Would a HH guitar be better or a HSH with coil tap such that i can also play single coils.
I plan on buying either with a roland cube 20x.
Roland Cube 20x

Does this amp give me the tones i want? Should i get a HH or a HSH (and juz use the bridge position) ?

Pls tell about your expericences and views if you own or have played any for it. thanks!
As for the guitar that ibanez would be great, for the amp check out Randall's RG50TC. It is a great amp and is very versatile. Oh Yeah play in bridge position.
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