I'm pretty sure you're not allowed, cause if everyone had pictures in their signitures, it'd take up too much bandwidth, and make opening pages a nightmare.

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How do you physically download an album? Like run your computer off a dynamo on an exercise bike?
and btw, that signature is very unoriginal
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*Points to Above Poster*

Best. Username. Ever.

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I wish I was gay...

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Next time read the stickied threads.

Also, I reccomend you use capital letters, full stops, etc. or the grammar nazis will get you.

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haha ok

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how do i imbed images into my signature???please help me.

Regression just told you to read the stickied threads. Did you? No.

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- Your signature is a piece of text that will be added to the end of every post you make. It must be no more than 250 characters in length (including any code) and cannot contain embedded images.
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Mother: Remember to brush your teeth, Cory

Cory: haha ok

Cory, ten years later:

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I release my inner liberal every morning when I take a shit.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.
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