hey all i just bought a dean vmntx and when it came the pickups seemed loose and my low e string sounds way off but when i tune it it sounds ok and the tuner says its in tune (as you probably guessed, i'm new and dont know a whole lot) any ideas thanks .
your intonation needs to be checked.

tune the string then fret the string at the 12th fret.

see if it's in tune there too.
if not then repost.

as for the "loose pickups" there are screws that adjust the pickup heights. under those screws are springs. if they arent bouncy enough the pickups will wobble.

if you want to take things apart and add new springs then repost and let me know.

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I had some pickups that were loose. It was the springs. I don't know what happened to the springs. It didn't affect the sound though, but it was annoying. Nevertheless I got some springs from Stew Mac, and now the pickups are solid.