What would you say the main difference between them and those who play in bands.Do session players tend to be lone guns for hire who don't play in one?
Session players are usually much much much better musicians. Also, they have a tendency to be hard to work with. They make a lot of money, but have no time for a life. If they turn up late for recording (no rehearsal time available) then they're sacked, if they hit a duff note, they won't be paid. They really have to be top of their game.
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You have to be a good musician to be a session player, anyone can be in a band.
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My dad's a session guitarist, and I guess you could call him a guitar mercenary. Bands who need a guitarist in the studio hire him. That's about it.

Previous posters are right though, you have to be on your game. My dad practices at least 4-6 hours daily.