I posted this a couple days ago, but we have another song up now too. The newest one is still "High Strung." We're a band called Rock Paper Scissors from New Jersey, and we like to play rock music. I don't know how else to describe our sound. Please check out the songs and let me know what you think! It'd be awesome if you did! Thanks.

I love how you guys are so simple... seriously because of the simplicity it is really catchy.

Snaps for being able to play in time which alot of bands can't seem to do these days...

My only criticism would be that the vocals require a bit more work. lead vox is still sounding too 'highschool band' - u know teenage. now this cant be helped usually... but try, i dunno, mixing the melodies up and getting some lessons to get a different tone...

but you guys are heaps talented, so kudos

check out my band...