I'm new to the forums though go on the site everyday!!

I'm a big Avenged Sevenfold fan as well as various other metal bands. I am a keen songwrite too and have been a various bands over the years etc etc

I want to be able to write riffs/songs with a unique sound. I know its as easy as it sounds! but I look at other bands that I have played alongside and you can easily hear their influences coming through.

I travel to Spain every year for holiday and want to incorporate some latin guitar in but I don't want to sound like spanish metal. I just want a slight hint of it within my songs.

Can anyone advise me on what sort of scales to look at learning and what type of chords to use?

I'm also keen to look at the style of Avenged Sevenfold as well and have seen Synyster Gates play some "Romanian" scale in Total Guitar ages ago.

If anyone could point my the right direction or advise me I'd be very grateful
try google first. I would bet money that the first link is good. Also, try the 5th mode of harmonic minor for a 'spanish' or 'arabic' sound to it. But I would really suggest learning basic harmony in Major, and melodic minor if you want some more interesting stuff.
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If you want to sound exotic then you have to focus on scales that are outside the norm.

Harmonic Minor
Spanish Phrygian
Hungarian Minor

Guys like Al DiMeola and Ynwie Malmsteen use these well in their songwriting. Check these scales out
I forgot to say I love evil sounding music like the old school avenged stuff (anything off waking the fallen) and Bring me the horizon, their really evil sounding as well. I was wanting to incorporate that into my playing aswell
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