I'm having problems with concetrating while I practice. I can have a cool riff in my head and then try and play it out and come up with something and then get stuck and go all depressed cos I don't know what to play. There's nothing around at the moment that makes me want to sit there for hours and play. I hear guitarists (matt heafy) saying they would sit there for like 6-8 hours a day just playing. I want to know if anyone else can do that for like 4 or 5 hours? Doesn't anyone else get bored with playing after like 20 minutes or is it just me!?

I'd love to sit there for hours playing cos I know I'd be able to shred and be doing allsorts but I just get bored after 20 minutes or so and get fed up. I have practiced scales etc and then worked on a song but again I'm not sure of the songs I should be going for. The ones I want to play are insanely hard (As I Lay Dying for instance) but I would love to play like that.

anyone else been in the same rut?
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Yup, of course we all have!

Try something new, something more simple that you enjoy, RATM, some Metallica, whatever.

Sometimes it can be good to not play too! The amount of times I've just left something for a few days, then gone back to it only to find I'm better than I was before with no effort at all is amazing!
ye I mean I've recorded a really cool riff and then gone back to it a few days later and though....thats awful. I know musics one of those things that you can't actually just go "oh i'm gonna write a song" I have to be in the mood and in the right frame of mind.

I did try some Zico Chain which was kinda simple to play but I've still not got that urge or excitement.

oh and those two are like my all time favourite bands!!! how did u know!?!?!
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oh and those two are like my all time favourite bands!!! how did u know!?!?!

Well, I don't like to brag about my powers of clairvoyance too much...

Go learn Seek 'n' Destroy - it's easy and fun.