Hi i have a gt 8 and sold my amp so i want to try plugging it to my pc... how do I do it? i have a creative speaker set. where do i plug the cable to make the sound come out of speakers.? I will also try headphones...which is better speaker or headphone?
what do you mean? use headphones..

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It's up to you to decide whether speaker or headphones are better. But you need a 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter. Plug that into your Phone out on the GT-8, then plug your speakers or headphones into it.
I'm not sure on the PC, but using headphones will be easiest. Stick some in the headphone jack, rock out. Nobody can complain about volume levels.
Yea headphones would be nice but i cant always play like that would be too much for my ears since im already using headphones with my pc when im not playing guitar. Still didnt get how to plug the guitar to pc... or should i not put the pc in between and just use the speaker alone?
You can use the headphone out to the PC line in jack. You will get better quality by using the SPDIF, but that requires a little know how and the purchase of a sound card with coax SPDIF inputs.
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Speaker alone.

Ok so instead of the green headed cable between the pc and speaker its between the speaker and gt 8? no pc added?
I've a cable that splits a 1/8" stereo plug into two, 1/4" mono plugs. I use it to connect my Tonelab L and R outs to the line in on my soundcard. Then I unmute the line in on my sound settings so I can hear it from my speakers and record at the same time If I want to.

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I think in the back of your pc it has an input jack on your soundcard..or via usb
I've a cable that splits a 1/8" stereo plug into two, 1/4" mono plugs.
Here you go. Plug it into the microphone jack (mine is on the front). You can just use a 1/8 inch adapter for your guitar cable to plug into the computer.
People, he doesn't need to go into the computer. He isn't recording, just trying to hear sound.
But it's much better through the line in as you don't have to steal your computer's speakers. You can even play along with media player.
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