OK so I've been trying to use the built in mic on my MacBook to record my band. But lately whenever I record something and listen to the playback it's really over modulated and distorted. To describe it, it has a weird "underwater" sound.

I've recorded though the mic before and it sounded fine it's just recently that I started getting these results though the mic. Even the last time I used it I put the mic sensitivity on the preferences way down and it still did it.

My question is basically what could the problem be? Did something get out of wack? Maybe does it need to be EQ'd or adjusted somehow? Or is the mic broken somehow?

By the way I've been using Garageband to record through.
Ok, you could have overloaded it or something, but I doubt it. If you can, take it to the Genius Bar.
However, that mic is not meant for recording like that at high volumes. Get a different one.

Oh, and there's a slight chance that in GarageBand, you have a preset activated that makes it sound like that. Check.
And try recording with AutoVolume (if you have GarageBand 08)
OK so to start...

If it is overloaded does that mean it's broken or that the music is just too loud?


If it is the Garageband setting what would I have to change? What is the setting called?
1. Could be either. Hence Genius Bar if it won't work even after AutoVolume
2. Any settings. EQ, Presets, but if you open up a new project, all the settings will reset. So that's probably not it.