OK so I've been trying to use the built in mic on my MacBook to record my band. But lately whenever I record something and listen to the playback it's really over modulated and distorted. To describe it, it has a weird "underwater" sound.

I've recorded though the mic before and it sounded fine it's just recently that I started getting these results though the mic. Even the last time I used it I put the mic sensitivity on the preferences way down and it still did it.

My question is basically what could the problem be? Did something get out of wack? Maybe does it need to be EQ'd or adjusted somehow? Or is the mic broken somehow?

By the way I've been using Garageband to record through.
Yeah I'm sure that would be good but I'm just trying to get to the bottom with what is going on with my mic to make sure its not broken or anything.
too loud.
tbh youd be better off buying mics& mixer
built in mics sound shit
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Get a real microphone.
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Yeah I figured the loudness had something to do with it, but then I recorded some acoustic stuff and it still did it. It's strange.
There's no problem at all. Your mic just has automatic noise supression. You have to turn it off.
Trust me, I know from experience, my laptop used to do the same the thing.
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If you were fine with using the computer's built in mic, you may want to just pick up a USB microphone (cheapest way is to take one from the game: Rock Band).

Those little built in microphones can only take so much after all.... I used one like it when i started recording, then upgraded to a usb mic, then finally got myself a mixer, external sound card, and a set of mics.

But ya... seriously... go take someones Rock Band mic
Do you have the details on the recording track up? Maybe you have some sort of option checked that is distorting the sound? I wouldn't know what to do if the problem was with the hardware...
you can actully use speakers as mics. gets some interesting sounds
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its not to good with high volume stuff. If you wanna record anything but vocals a line 6 toneport will do you can't go wrong at £30.
It sounds like it would be the noise supression because at some points in comes in relatively clear and then when it starts to get too rockin it kinda poops out. I'll have to mess around. I was only concerned because I used to record through the mic and it sounded clear and just recently this started happening.
Hey, a lot of people are having this problem with their microphones beginning to have an underwater/distorted sound. I found somewhat of an answer to this problem. If you go to your settings>sound, you can check and see how high the input volume is. If it's up over 3/4's of the way, that's probably the problem. Simply turn it down to halfway or lower.

I'm not to fluent with mac hardware yet, but it seems to me that after heavy use, mac batteries, sound cards, and mouse pads become worn out and begin to malfunction. If you use your mactop to record a whole band or loud instruments a lot, the sound card will probably get worse and you'll have to begin recording at lower volume levels.

I hope this information helps some people!