Up for sale/trade is an ebony Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Paid over $500 for it. It's in EXCELLENT condition. No scratches (that I can see). Could probably use new strings though (which I most likely will include)

Located in Boston, MA

well as i stated in the post, I paid over $500 for it... I'm looking for $350 but MAY let it go for $300
As far as trades go... I'm not really looking for another guitar at this point... My primary is a Gibson SG and I realized that I don't really need a second guitar at the moment... hence the selling of this one.

I AM open to trades... just anything but guitars I guess lol
Quote by Andrew4DSC
well as i stated in the post, I paid over $500 for it... I'm looking for $350 but MAY let it go for $300

Is that shipped?
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yea i'm really aiming towards the $350 shipped...

it's not that cheap shipping a heavy guitar
sounds good AJ, just keep in touch.

4_string... sorry not really looking to trade for another guitar. I don't really need a second at this point... hence the sale of this one. thanks for the offer anyway.

also, if anyone is interested, I also have a Les Paul knockoff made by Galveston. Needs a new toggle switch & new strings, but otherwise works. would be good for a project guitar I guess. Probably willing to throw it in for free if anyone buys the Epi lol.
Damn, that's a really good price for it. If I was in the market for another guitar right now, I'd jump on this. That's only $50 more than I paid total (guitar + aftermarket neck) for my Epiphone LP-100. Damn, makes me feel a bit like I've been scammed.

Oh well, good luck selling it.

/free bump
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Well, damn nice looking guitar there. You said trade for anything but a guitar? Hmm, I have a very large comic collection from the bronze age, lots of good stuff, and I stopped collecting 15 years ago. If your a collector, and looking to fill some holes, I may have what you need, they are just sitting there now taking up valuable guitar space.

Guess that goes for everyone as well...
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I live in Providence I'll trade either a 1970 Epi EA-260 (335 bass) or a Vox AD15VT if your interested.
pics of that other les paul too?
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