Has anyone in the pit ever worked at an f.y.e store? For those who don't know its a chain owned by Trans World Entertainment that carries mostly music, movies, and games. There's one at the Mall of America here in MN and I'm thinking of applying because I'll be moving about 10 or 15 minutes from there in less than a month.

If you haven't actually worked there than you could contribute by sharing your shopping experience if you have one.
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no srry i have none, but you should apply.
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I don't like it, I went there (the one at the MOA) last weekend and everything was overpriced. CDs were like twice as much as they should be and used movies were almost as expensive as a new copy.
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I like FYE. They have a lot of Game Related stuff that I never see anywhere else.
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Nope, but I've been to a Pye store, I liked it a lot better then the Cayke store across the street.
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