I have an Epiphone dot Natural finish and a Boss ph-3 phase pedal, both are very new, i have the guitar for four months and i have had the pedal for 2 months both are in perfect condition and sound amazing, the only cosmetic defect is on that on the guitar i took the stupid epiphone sticker of the pickguard, it looked bad. Everything on the guitar is stock and there are no modifications, i had it professionally set up, there is no string buzz at all, it sounds just as good as a gibson if not better.

You can find pictures of it on



And if you want you can email me at andrew.mendy@gmail.com and i can send you some better ones

This stuff has to go, i will sell both of them together for 350 dollars not including shipping and if you want the gator case that goes with the guitar it'll be an extra 25.
These pictures aren't working, could you try posting some new ones?
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