I've got a friend who's looking to do some home recording (with guitars, bass, drums and vocals). He's just starting, so he wants something that's either free, or cheap. So what would you recommend for him to start off with for recording to a PC?

Also, what's the best computer program for editing recordings?

Thanks in advance.

thats all you need for home recordings and its free
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not going to be cheap , but its a solution anyways

a guitar port program will let you plug your guitar into an adapter which plugs into your computer and lets you play and record digitally all without microphones

idk what to tell you about recording drums live though.. but you can download a drum beat maker program to make synthesized drum beats.. fruity loops studio is a good one.. and it will sound good with the digital guitars too

umm... you can get a good mixing program that will let you record and edit stuff pretty thoroughly.

idk the expenses, but those three choices might be your best bet if you want to make a decent recording at home by yourself..