Well, I'm about to take the plunge into the world of electro-acoustics and thought I may as well shop around for some opinions =] I thought I'd narrowed it down to either a Takamine EG523SCB or an EG451SSC, I'm a fan of the black NEX cutaways at least aesthetically and heard they were great guitars, but some more research has left me nothing if not utterly confused. I'm looking for something in this price range, but obviously I want whatever I get to be worth every last penny and some have said the NEX styles are tonally a little thin.

Naturally I realise that my best bet would be to get on down to a music store and try some out for myself, but any input you guys could give would be really invaluable in helping me make the right decision. Important things to me? I'm a fingerpicker through and through, and whilst I will be using the guitar to support vocals it also needs to be able to shine as a solo instrument, both unplugged and amped. Hell, should I even get a Tak at all, or are there better manufacturers out there to fit my needs and budget? Ta for all your comments x]
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Takamines are good guitars, but like you said, it's really best to go to your music store and try some guitars and talk to them.

My friend recently got a Crafter TC-035 electro acoustic and I was pretty impressed with that. He isn't very technical, and has an amazing voice so he uses it mainly for strumming chords, but I'm a bit more technical and I found it pretty impressive really.

Sorry I can't really be of more help.
No I appreciate it, thanks, I'll be sure to take a look. Problem is, there seems to be some sort of bizarre anti-music store policy within a 50 mile radius of where I live
Hmm, I'd never thought about a Seagull, never been too keen on the looks. Picky, I know, but with my measly wages this is a lot of money and looks are as important as quality and tone to me ;] I do like the idea of an archtop though, I might look into that. Has anybody got any experience with either of those Takamines, to advise me for or against? And if I were to go with one of those, would the NEX or Jumbo be better suited? Hopefully I'll be able to get myself down to a couple of local music shops on Saturday, so I can make a more informed decision