Hi all,

I have been playing for 5 months now, and i borrowed my brothers Yamaha for getting into it, and i feel i want to go further, and saw the Ibanez ICT-700 as a valid option, But my brother says i shouldn't ( he has been into guitars for over 10 years ) because the guitar was Top-heavy and isn't nice to be playing standing up because the headstock wants to fall down, well, is this true on the iceman? Because i read that it was a heavy guitar, wouldnt all the weight in the back compensate and such?

So would it be wisely to get a top-heavy guitar because it ruins your technique, especially for starting out? ( Referring to my older brother )

Thanks alot =]
Well, I've never played the ICT700 so I don't know if it's top heavy, but even if it is, it's not the end of the world.

There are many guitars out there (like the Gibson SG) which are top heavy, but that doesn't seem to stop people from buying them. Sometimes you can compensate for it by using a broad strap and besides, most practicing is done sitting down.

Playing standing up with a top heavy guitar doesn't require that much more effort and it won't ruin your technique
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The IC400 is neck heavy, the ICT700 has a smaller headstock so might no be as bad. The strap button is also behind the neck pocket which doesn't help matters but it's in no way an uncomfortable guitar, it sits very nicely in the hand. The ICT has the strap button on the upper bout so it should be better balanced.
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Thanks alot guys, im hoping to get it it next 2 months
( Need to order is from outside ) Living in holland & stuff