I am faced with these 2 guitars.
The Morgan Monroe M-20 JUST BOUGHT OWNER DOES NOT WANT with the NICE case built in hygrometer - $450.

Yamaha FG370S barely used - $295. I will need to buy hard case + hygrometer crap. + 140.


i live in canada you cannot FIND a place that sells fg730s for less than $350+tax...
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Well that first guitar is all solid.

i'd have to play both of them. the problem with the first guitar for me is that it's all solid, and i already have one. they require care from dry weather/climate. if i were going to buy another acoustic to lug around i wouldn't buy something so nice.

that's just me though, and being a poor college student that's how i think about things.

if this is your first guitar... you risk a lot buying either one of them. they're both expensive and you don't know if you're going to continue playing.

okay, random blabber thoughts put aside, play both of them whichever you like more you buy it.
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this is my first guitar (i played one in grade 8 in music class for a unit, learn a few chords =) was fun) , im determined to learn cuz flute and piano sucks!
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