Hey guys.

here's my question. Ive got an ibanez mtm1 right now ( the mick thomson edition) and i'm thinking about buying the schecter synyster custom or standard. The price difference is like 400 bones and im just wondering if you think i should just bite it and spend the extra cash or if it's even worth it. My guitar teacher says that since the standard has a bolt-on neck it won't have as much sound as my ibanez which has a thru neck and i might be dissapointed with something that's not the same quality. i just dont want to buy the standard and regret not getting the custom. what do you think? i apologize if theres already a thread about this.

i'd advise away from the synyster schecters. i laugh every time i see someone on youtube using one of them, it just makes them look like complete nubs. for the $1000 or whatever they cost there's much more to be had. take a look around some guitar stores and try some out.
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