Ok Pit monkeys, here's the thing:

On Friday, I am playing a football match in my school's football tournament. My team is doing it for t3h lUlz, so we're going to disguise ourselves. Last time, two of us were i underwear, one in underwear with an orange towel as a cape, and my with striped tights with red underwear over them, a black cape and black underwear on my head. It was quite a sight .
So we need an other idea for Friday. We're going to tie each other two by two, but we need a disguise. We thought about pajamas or putting our trousers insead of our t-shirts and vice-versa.
Any ideas?
Do it naked.

Out of curiosity, what kind of football is it?
Sig space available, give me some praise
um...just go naked with masks?
or you could get gorilla suits. that would be amazing
Put the round thing in the ****ing net.

By the way I'm talking about proper football.


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No matter what you wear, run about with your arms flailing, shooting the wrong way screaming "AAAAAH DOC OCK!!!!!"
Why don't you cut the excuses and just roll around naked in a field with your friends.

We all know you want to.
Doesn't really sound like a disguise. It sounds like they might still be able to recognise you...
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Quote by lefthandman9876
is this americafagfootball

or good the good old sport the rest of the world plays "soccer" to the one who like retard rugby?

True football, where as the name suggests it you shoot in a round ball with your feet.
just wear the Sunderland kit. no one knows who they are anyway. >.>
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