Roughly how many chord changes should a average guitar player be able to do in a minute?

I ask this because I have been using Justin Sandercoe's website to help me learn to play, and he mentions how a good technique to practice chord changes is a technique called "One-Minute Chord Changes". Basically, you pick two chords and practice changing between them for a minute and see how many you can do, looking to improve on the number the more you practice, fairly simple really.

I have been using this technique for a few days and have seen definite improvement, but I'm asking this because I don't really know what is a good amount of chord changes in a minute. I guess I am just looking for a rough estimate as something to shoot for and to know when I should move on.

Thanks in advance
There's no definite answer. Different players will say different things. If you're into acoustic and folk or bluegrass stuff, you should be able to switch between open chords pretty fast. Try learning a song slowly, and speed it up until you feel comfortable playing it.
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Say between A-C-D-E-F-G open chords i think 60 in a minute (if you can keep up your concentrration) going by the 1mississippi -2mississippi rule, ad strumming on each syllable is reasonable
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