hey guyz
i was saving some extra money to get ibanez rg2570z , but i`m kinda changing my mind when i saw this
it`s ibanez rgt42fxqm ( stunningly well finished ,the amazin off-set Dot Inlay and Trans Gray Burst looks amazin "kinda like the MMEB BFR ", mahogany body , 5-piece maple/walnut neck , neck-thru , pickups can be changed )
take a look at it and compare it to the rg2570z


the only bad thing is the fixed bridge :'(
Bad thing??? Well for me, a fixed bridge it's something good, you don't have problems with tunning or changing strings. That guitar is really sweet change those pickups and you'll get a really interesting axe
A fine guitar indeed. But just for the record, the pickups in any guitar can be changed. Also, the fact that it has a fixed bridge is only a downside if you see it as one. A fixed bridge has many advantages over a tremolo, tuning stability is much greater over a guitar with a trem, it's lower maintenance, and it has increased sustain, in my personal opinion a fixed bridge wins over a trem any day.
imagine if that baby was string thru, youd have bitchin sustain since its also neck through. The only thing i see bad is that the back of the neck is finished, i dont like finished necks but i dunno maybe its not all that bad :P

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i have a yamaha rgx520fz and i need a guitar with tremolo
i dunno , well...can we compare it to the rg2570z?
you can buy that what is essentially that guitar with an Ibanez Edge Trem on it..

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