I've been hanging out a little bit here, trying to educate myself on Electric/Acoustics. In my case, performance wise, an electric/acoustic is preferred. I'm not too concerned whether its a shallow bowl, thin or not. I'll be using this guitar in maybe 1 or 2 songs in a live set, and mostly for living room jam sessions or for family get-togethers. I also prefer the cut-away, but I'm still wide open. The only definite is that it must be sub $400 and must have electronics.

But my real question is this... I can't tell from Guitarcenter.com's descriptions which is a solid top and which is not? Can you guys help me with this? Only one of these options that I'm looking at actually says solid top(Ovation CC24S). And others way beyond my pricerange tend not to state this either...

Ovation CC24 - solid top???

Ovation CC24s - solid top, I know. But is it a good guitar???

Yamaha APX500 - solid top???

Ibanez AEL20E - solid top???

Takamine #G341C - solid top?

Most of these say "spruce top". Does that mean it is NOT a solid?

Any other suggestions? I have read the sub $300 guitar thread, but still might be able to go a little above that.


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If it does not say "solid" then it is not solid.

I would suggest that you not buy any guitars in that list. Go back to the under $300 sticky and have a look at those. By the time you buy a hard case and accessories, you'll be at $400.

Ohh.. and heres a few tips for buying guitars:
1. Never buy without trying the guitar
2. Always buy a hard case with an acoustic
3. Play the guitar for at least an hour or two before buying(I played mine for 7 hours).
4. Never buy on impulse. Take your time.
5. Priorities go in this order: Sound, Comfort, Looks
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