I'm moving to California soon from the east coast. I don't have an exact date set, but it will be around January/February.

I figured I should start looking for a place to live now (can't live on my own, have to scour craigslist). Most of the ads on there are looking for people like immediately.

Just wondering if any fellow pit monkeys have tried something so insane. I'll be driving across the country (usa, uSA, USA!!!!) and I'll have plenty of money. I'm just looking for some advice anybody might have to save me some money, or tips on how to navigate through all the weirdos/fakes on craigslist.

And I fully expect a bunch of pointless replies. I'm bored at work for the next 8 hours.

I'm really looking forward to this road trip.
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Moved from Kansas to Florida for college, twice, and from florida to colorado. Drove the whole way every time.
i really know what to say dude. the dude who posted first just gave the best answer ever

That's far? I moved from Ireland when I was 10..
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Well it might be hard to find someone that is willing for a roommate but needs then in January. I'd say that a few weeks before you leave, go around and look for ads for people that want room mates and visit apartments and stuff.
I moved from Germany to South Africa

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I've moved from Conneticut to Madrid, Spain, from Madrid, Spain to Texas, from Texas back to Madrid, from Madrid back to Texas, from the middle of the Panhandle of Texas to Austin, Texas and from Austin, Texas to Boston, MA.

My best advice is to not really trust craigslist, except for jobs. Can't really say that I have had much experience with the apartment/residence side of craigslist but I have heard some horror stories about it. Sometimes you can find someone who is willing to swap a home with you, you basically trade houses for a while.

Do you know anyone out there where you are moving to? That makes it so much easier.