If you're in a band, where do you practice?
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My guitarists house, he has the full set-up so we got lucky.

If your in the city you might have to find a rehearsal studio. Or, ask around and find somebody who wouldn't mind donating their garage/basement.
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Rent a practice room out or, if you have the money, a studio. If money is an issue, whichever band has a garage or a large, relatively empty room use that.
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at my house (ive got a drum kit so no transport problems there) in a room upstairs haha. You can hear us all throught the whole street but no one ever complains
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In a spare room at my Drummer's house or in my Guitarist's garage which has his Dad's drumkit in which happens tobe the same as my Drummer's
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all the bands I was in we practiced at the drummers house. mainly because the drummers never wanted to move their set.
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when I was in high school, the bathroom (by myself) and the garage or my friend's basement or garage
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Drummers house. It's really cramped and we can only practise properly when his family are out, so its reeli not ideal. Better than nothing tho
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for me its always been my drummers house
its easier to move a guitar and an amp than a drum kit
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its always a pickel :P 4 4 me at school most consitanly ..w e get music room at lunch and there is a kit in there... i have also practiced at drummers house.. simply transport reasons.. its i ha dough i would rent a play sumwhere and put s second drum kit 4 a drumering there.. but yeah no ..we all want alot of thing
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My house, or when I was with my old band, my cousin's house. Ahhh, the memories.
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I practice in a small basement, at my drummers house.

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if i were you id practice somewhere thats near a dictionary, so you can learn how to spell while you practice.
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