Now since there is one for Les Pauls and SGs there has to be a strat one.
Could be any Strat, Squire, Fender ect. But please dont't put Jacksons, Esp,Charvel and say "WEll it's a SUPER STRAT!!" I'm talking about the classic Fender design.
Anyway, I'm getting my first Strat this weekend, A Fender Mexican.(should i get rosewood or maple fingerboard???)
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It's fap time!
I've A Tex-Mex Fender, Hot Rod Red, Maple Neck, Beautiful piece of work, but meh, I CBA to take a picture...

But MY SG does do better in some genres :P

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Yep, SG all the way.
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my strat's my backup guitar. i havent played it in some time now, my LTD gets all the playing time nowadays.

i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Damn, beat me to it.

But yeah, there is a thread already like this

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I got one! Its American 60th Anniversary. Tobacco sunburst, matte finish. Its Sa-Weeeet!

Especially when I plug it into this old vintage tube Peavey!

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I own a copy(from a defunct company called Bradley) if that counts. it sounds good, but the middle pickup is dead and it's high E and G tuning keys are broken, so it just sits around unstrung. Then again, it was free, I'm not complaining.

Anyway, would you guys recommend fixing the Bradley or just saving the repair cash for the American Standard I'm looking at?

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It's easily one of the biggest selling guitars ever, this website has been here for 10 years, and you think no one has come up with this idea?

Reported so it's closed as there is a existing thread
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