Hello pit, so today a girl that I've been friends with since high school told me she had a dream about me last night. Jokingly, I asked "was it a dirty dream?" She told me actually it was. Intrigued, I asked her for the details but she told me all she could remember was waking up thinking it was the second time she's had a dream like that.

Honestly, if I liked a girl and had a dream about her like that, there's no way in hell I'd have the balls to tell her. Plus, we've always been friends but I never really thought of her as anything more. She's also in a serious relationship right now, although I do admit if she ever propositioned me I'd have to take her up on the offer.

But yeah, I'm confused as to why she actually told me about it. What do you think it means?
its just a dream. She told you cause your good friends probebly. Laugh it up.
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Laugh about it. You're friends, that's what you do.

But... be sure to file her name under "potentially bangable at a future date."
girls (just friends) have told me they've dreamt about me before. if she's not going to say anything else, don't go chasing it.
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Umm.. If you're close friends, she might have told you just beacuase.. You're good friends? =P She maybe thought you would be understanding or something? Oh yeah, that's all I can think of. =P

you should already be trying to **** everything that walks. get to it
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I've had slightly rude dreams about friends. Sometimes friends I wouldn't consider getting down and dirty with. S'probably nothing, but you can ask her if you want I guess.
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it means she want u to **** her.
its not rape if u think she wants it
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Laugh about it. You're friends, that's what you do.

But... be sure to file her name under "potentially bangable at a future date."

Just a friend thing one of my friends once told me about a dream he had. We were both naked smoking cigars and apparently I began to suck him off
Hahaha thats soo funny. That obviously means she wants to have sex with you. You twunt its a dream no-one cares about you and your pathetic trivial not very interesting moments. Now keep it down in there me and your mother are trying to screw in here.
Joke about it a few times, but don't seem obsessed with it.
Don't get hung up on the fact that she might like you.

A) Your friend, who trusts you.


B) In a serious relationship.

Don't be one of those sh*t head guys that thinks with his d*ck and f*cks everything up.
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It's a dream, it means nothing.

Just because I had a dream about the french assistant at school once, doesn't mean I fancy him or whatever.
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it means she want u to **** her.
its not rape if u think she wants it

this is why you failed sex ed.
anyway it could be nothing like everyone says, or it could be that she's attracted to you subconciously and want to be more than freinds. way to little info to tell. nimrod had it right if she goes any further with this go for it but don't go breaking up with your girlfreind right away over it
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my friend told me she had dreams about me. A year later I asked her out and have been happy with each other since.
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I once told a friend I had a dirty dream about them. He wasn't too impressed I'll tell you that much.
She's a friend, she's telling you this as one.

Girls aren't like guys, their sole objective isn't pussy
I've had dirty dreams about some friends.... never told them though, especially since one time it was about one friends sister
She wants to do dirty things to you....

perhaps throw some mud at you
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if she was having that kind of dream about you that means she was thinking about you at one point or another so it could mean something.
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She's a friend, she's telling you this as one.

Girls aren't like guys, their sole objective isn't pussy

Way to sell us out there, buddy. You're either a jaded teenage girl or just a complete jackass.
Welcome to the friend zone.

Grab a seat.
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Welcome to the friend zone.

Grab a seat.


this is fact

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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She probably told you because you were friends. I talk to my friends as well. It's normal.

Talk? To friends? Even when you're not drunk?
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Not even the top psychologists in the world know exactly what dreams mean. Good luck finding an answer here.
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It means your should insert your penis into her vaginal opening, release your sperm, and impregnate her with your seed. The baby will thusly be birthed through the wrong hole and come out here mouth, taking her brain with it.

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I'm kidding about what I said earlier. I'm actually the complete opposite of what I sounded like; if she's just a friend, don't push it. But if you get any other hints, and when she's single, try to keep her attention, so she won't ask anyone else out. She'll realize she can't stop thinking of you, and then either of you can ask the other. But that's only if you want you two to be more than friends; other than that, just laugh it up.
Just a friend. Sorry man.

I tell my friends that I dream of splooging on their faces all the time. We laugh.

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