My name is Sagi and I am a guitarist from Israel. I would like to invite you to check out my new website:


My goal is to create a usefull and complete resource for electric guitar gear information, focusing on the most important thing: The Tone !!!

http://www.tonepedia.com is a platform that lets each user to create his personal gear box and upload information and pictures of his gear, but more important to upload and arrange sound samples, specifing the related elements that combines that sample.

For example if you want to listen to a 1978 stratocaster played thorugh a 1965 Bassman using ts-808, you can easly search and find all the related sound samples.

The site just went on the air and is still in Beta so not all the features work properly and there arn't many sample yet....but it's a start :-)

Please feel free to visit and explore the site. You are most welcome to shar your gear and experties with us.

Keep on rockin'
Sagi Eiland
I don't think this is allowed.
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it might not be allowed but its a bloody good idea

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why wouldn't this be allowed? sure it's kinda advertising something, but it's a resource for guitarists. i don't think anyone would report someone saying "hey, check out this website called musicians friend. you can buy lots of cool gear on it!" if no one had ever heard of it before would they?
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i agree forget the dam admins this is useful and advertising it here will have a snowball affect on it, thus helping it to get recognize. Maybe UG admins could put in homepage as a news article or something
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