I liked it, was short and intelligent. I always love the play on words in poems (son/sun). When you use loka, i assume you are referring to the loka of Hinduism? That aloud me to somewhat connect to the work because i also like using religious figures/ideals in songs, especially Hinduism due to its depth.
this one is for you.
I liked this but not as much as some other pieces from you. Sure "your" words are still there, but this seemed less elaborated than most your pieces. Still I enjoyed

"There’s suffering and suffering
alone; there are no gods dare
meek defenseless eyes?" - These were three amazing lines.

"Do you understand
the inquisition of the broken son
sun, to speak of loka?" - No. Because I don't kow who's loka. If Ebshabutiee
is right then I know why; my religious knowledge is
quite low...

Nonetheless, it was a quick, enjoyable read throughout.

I would appreciate a crit on my latest if you don't mind; it's on my sig